College Portrait of Undergraduate Education

College Portrait of Undergraduate Education

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An updated suite of products and services.

The VSA has evolved to advance institutional benchmarking by offering a broader and more flexible set of tools and data products and professional development opportunities. Participating institutions can increase data literacy, reporting capacity and the ability to develop and deliver evidence-based content through the new VSA. The products and services are only available to VSA subscribers.

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About the VSA

The Voluntary System of Accountability™ (VSA) was created to provide greater accountability through accessible, transparent, and comparable information. The VSA was introduced by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) based on the premise of offering straightforward, flexible, comparable information on the undergraduate experience, including student progress and learning outcomes. A public-facing platform, the College Portrait, was launched in 2008 to achieve the goal of reporting a common set of data. University representatives from 70 public institutions led the development of the College Portrait with input from the larger higher education community.

With the proliferation of external reporting sources in recent years, the VSA Oversight Board recommended a strategic shift for the program. The VSA has begun to transition from offering the College Portrait website to a comprehensive and more customizable set of tools and data products and professional development opportunities designed to advance institutional data capacity. In 2017, VSA subscribers will have access to a national dataset of degree-granting institutions designed for institutional benchmarking, as well as a set of visualization tools for self-generated queries. Click here to learn more.

The College Portraits and At A Glance website will be available during the transition period until at least December 2017. However, no new data were collected from institutions for the 2016-17 academic year; only institutions with a 2015-16 College Portrait will be visible.

The VSA staff and advisory groups will evaluate future options considering the cost and demand for a static, national transparency tool. One future option is a concise institutional profile pages with a short description of the institution, selected information from student engagement surveys (i.e., NSSE), and links to an institution’s net price calculator, the Student Achievement Measures, and NILOA Transparency Framework website.

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An updated suite of products and services will be offered in three complementary areas:

  1. Designations, Tools, and Data Products
  2. Education and Training
  3. Public Reporting

Only VSA subscribers can access and download the exclusive content provided by the updated program.

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